Primordial myths and symbolism for Our Lady of Guadalupe (Tonantizin/Coatlicue in her Aztec carnation). She looks down at Medusa, over her head is an Ashanti akuaba fertility doll, gazelle horns give her masculine/feminine strength, a snake vertebrae represents the unconscious ability to take flight on its own. Coatlicue got impregnated by a ball of feathers. The Egyptian household god Bes is under her feet. He was used to chase away snakes and protect women during childbirth. Ancient bronze Medusa, handmade (with herbs and a "spell" Akuaba fertility doll, Vintage gazelle horns, antique african snake vertebrae, Ancient chinese carved jade beads, Egyptian Faience Bes figurine, feathers. A huge secret compartment for your personal trinkets.